Happy Birthday to You | Free Sheet Music, Lyrics, Chords and Video

History of Happy Birthday
“Happy Birthday to You” originated in the mid-nineteenth century with two sisters and kindergarten teachers, Patty and Mildred J. Hill. They began singing the song “Good Morning To All” to their Kentucky kindergarten class. In 1893, they published their song in Song Stories for the Kindergarten

The kindergarten students enjoyed their teachers’ version of “Good Morning To All” so much that they began to break out in song spontaniously at birthday parties. The lyrics eventually changed to “Happy Birthday”…
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Free Happy Birthday Sheet Music

Happy Birthday for Easy Piano Solo
Happy Birthday for Intermediate Piano Solo
Happy Birthday for Easy Guitar Solo

Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords with Lyrics from StoryTimeSongs.com

Happy Birthday Lyrics
The lyrics to “Happy Birthday to You” are under copyright and therefore cannot be included here. They can however, be found on the Warner Chappell Music website.

Happy Birthday Videos

Happy Birthday 3D Alien Video – Very Fun! from YouTube.com
Happy Birthday Rare Beatles Recording from YouTube.com


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