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Aiken Drum is a Scottish folksong. The origins of the Scottish rhyme may possibly date back to the 1715 Jacobite Rising. Some believe Aiken Drum to be a mythical character called a Brownie. Brownies are typically a benevolent, but sometimes mischievous creatures of Scottish and Northern English folklore. The most well-known brownie is represented in the poem “The Brounie o Blednoch” by William Nicholson. His name is Aiken Drum!

Lyrics for ‘Aiken Drum’

There was a man lived in the moon, lived in the moon, lived in the moon,
There was a man lived in the moon, and his name was Aiken Drum.

And he played upon a ladle, a ladle, a ladle,
And he played upon a ladle, and his name was Aiken Drum.

2. And his coat was made of cream cheese, etc.
3. And his coat was made of good roast beef, etc.
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Aiken Drum Guitar Chords and Lyrics


Video for ‘Aiken Drum’

Enjoy this video of an ESL class of Japanese pre-schoolers singing one of their favorite songs – Aiken Drum. The preschoolers made paperplate tambourines with yarn hair, pom-pom eyes, cheese nose and pizza mouth to reinforce their English speaking skills.


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