Sakura, Sakura | Free Sheet Music, Lyrics and Video

Sakura, Sakura is a traditional folksong of Japan depicting springtime and the season of cherry blossom.

Sakura, Sakura, blossoms waving everywhere.
Clouds of glory fill the sky.
Mist of beauty in the air,
lovely colors floating by.
Sakura, Sakura,
Let all come singing.
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Free Printable Sheet Music
This free printable piano solo provides piano teachers with a great opportunity to introduce a little about Japanese culture and music into the piano lesson.  This piano solo is great for the 2nd or 3rd year piano student.

Sakura, Sakura for Easy Level Piano Solo from


Check out these two wonderful video perfromances of Sakura, Sakura.  The first one presents the traditional Japanese folk song in a more traditional way, sung by a Romanian Choral ensemble. The second video presents an inspired jazz interpretation of this song.  It’s quiet dazzling.

Sakura – Japanese Folk Song Performed by Romanian Chorus on

Hiromi Uehara – Sakura Sakura Video on


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  1. I learned this wonderful song whilst I was a little girl.
    Sakura reminds me of my dear friend Yukiko.
    I miss her.

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