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Camptown Races is a song by songwriter Stephen Foster. The song was first published in 1850 as Gwine to Run All Night.

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Camptown Races by Stephen Foster | Easy Piano Solo



Lyrics for ‘Camptown Races’

De Campptown ladies sing this song,
Doo-da, Doo-da,
De Camptown racetrack’s two miles long,
Oh, de doo-da day.

Gwine to run all night,
Gwine to run all day,
I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag,
Somebody bet on the gray.

Oh, de long tailed filly and de big black horse,
Doo-da, doo-da,
Come to a mud hole and dey all cut across,
Oh, de doo-da day.

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Guitar Chords for ‘Camptown Races’

Camptown Races | Guitar Chords and Lyrics


Video for ‘Camptown Races’ (Johnny Cash)

Johnny Cash featured in the Bell Telephone Hour in 1959.


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