the songs we sing: children’s song directory

Andy Fling is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors Degree in Music Theory and Composition, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certification in K-12 Music Education. He began teaching music at a Christian school in 1992, and it was there that an excitement for teaching kids and music education began. Teaching general music, band and choir to thousands of elementary aged kids in Christian and Public Schools, as well as offering private music lessons for fifteen years, his excitement for teaching music to kids is stronger than ever. He currently offers instruction to a studio full of private music students and offers weekly homeschool music classes. Andy and his wife, Tricia, share a love for Christ, and attend Calvary Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Songs We Sing is a children’s song directory.  Each and every post in this directory is jam-packed with the best free resources available on the web, including lyrics, free printable sheet music, guitar chords and sing-along videos.

Do you have a resource to suggest?  I would love to hear from you.


Find a collection of children’s song lyrics with guitar chords, instructions on making homemade instruments, musical games and activities.
A creative free music resource website including free printable sheet music, free composer biographies and worksheets, and free music theory worksheets and games.

Violin Online
Music and violin instruction for kids and violinists of all ages.

Swing Out Jazz Septet | Weddings, Parties and Events in AZ
Arizona’s premier small swing band, the Swing Out Jazz Septet is providing live music for all occasions in the Phoenix metro area.
A free online guide to music theory resource with information about many of the primary areas of study.
Find chords and lyrics for many of your favorite folk guitar songs, along with instruction on guitar chord and strumming basics.
Find a large collection of kid’s song favorites.
Find guitar chord charts, guitar music theory, songs with chords, guitar lessons and more.
Let’s Make Music invites everyone to pick up a new instrument and play! We are a non-profit group of musicians providing affordable lessons for prospective musicians age 5 and up!


One thought on “the songs we sing: children’s song directory

  1. Andy, you’ve done a tremendous job and if you look at my site for NYC public school elementary music teachers
    brooklynmusic, you’ll see I just added a link to The Songs We Sing in my list of links.

    Have a great year!
    Pablo Conrad

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