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Zulu Cradle-Song South Africa

Spring Has Come Japan
Zum Gali Gali Israel
Hakone Mountains Japan
Sakura, Sakura Japan

All Things Bright and Beautiful England
The Birch Tree Russian
Brother James Belgium
Eat Your Bread Mary France
Farmer Brown’s Cow Belguim
Feeding the Flock Germany
Frère Jacques France
Hey, Ho! Nobody Home England
If You’re Happy and You Know It Norway
In a Cabin in the Woods Belgium
In a Little Station Belguim
Itsy Bitsy Spider Denmark
One, Two, Three, Four, Paper Hat Belguim
The Little Sandman with the Umbrella Denmark
My Hat Has Three Corners Germany
Row, Row to the Fishing Spot Norway
Slumber Boat  Germany
Senor Don Gato Spain

Great Britain
The Three Ravens England
The Turkey Hungary
Volga Boatman Russia
Aiken Drum Scotland
All Through the Night Wales
The Campbells Are ComingScotland
Cockles and Mussels Ireland
Come Follow Me England
Coulter’s Candy Scotland
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling England
Dream Fairy Wales
The Farmyard England
The Frog and the Mouse England
The Galway Piper Ireland
Good Night England
Irish Lullaby Ireland
Ladybird/Leddy Landers Scotland
Lavender Blue England
Loch Lomond Scotland
Michael Finnegan Ireland
The Muffin Man England
Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be? England
Pop Goes the Weasel England
The Rattlin’ Bog Ireland
Scarborough Fair England
Sing a Song of Sixpence England
Strawberry Fair England
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star England
Wee Falorie Man Ireland
Wee Willie Winkie Scotland

North America
All the Pretty Little Horses USA
Alouette Canada
Bile Dat Cabbage Down USA
Cindy, Cindy Appalachian Folksong (USA)
Cotton-Eyed Joe Southern United States
Crawdad Song Southern United States
Cripple Creek Southern Appalachian (USA)
Going Over the Sea Canada
Goodbye, Old Paint USA
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes USA
I Am a Fine Musician USA
I Stuck My Head in a Li’l Skunk Hole  USA
Mary Had a Little Lamb USA
Old Dan Tucker USA
O, The Train’s Off the Track Virginia Folksong (USA)
Over the River and Through the Woods USA
The Riddle Song Appalachian Folksong (USA)
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain USA
Shortnin’ Bread USA
Simple Gifts Appalachian Folksong (USA)
Sourwood Mountian Appalachian Folksong (USA)
Sweet Betsy From Pike USA
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot USA
Take Me Out to the Ball Game USA
Turkey in the Straw USA

South America
Shake the Papaya Down South America

Kookaburra Australia



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