One Elephant | Lyrics, Guitar Sheet Music and Video

One Elephant is a fun 1-10 counting song for kids. I’ve included the lyrics, free sheet music for guitar (including music, lyrics and chords), printable finger puppets, and a sing-along video.

Lyrics for ‘One Elephant’

One elephant went out to play
Upon a spider’s web one day.
He had such enormous fun,
He called for another elephant to come… “Oh, ELEPHANT!”

Two elephants…

Three elephants…

Four elephants…

Five elephants…

Five elephants went out to play
Upon a spider’s web one day.
The web went creak, the web went crack.
And all of the elephants went KERSPLAT!


Print Guitar Sheet Music for ‘One Elephant’

One Elephant | Free Sheet Music Guitar Leadsheet (Music, Lyrics and Chords)



Finger Puppets has free printable elephant finger puppets if you’re interest.



Video for ‘One Elephant’

Here’s a sing-along video from PinkFonk – Kid’s Songs and Stories:


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